As you shop for rustic furniture for your home, you will probably be immediately drawn to the time-tested and familiar look of logs and hand-adzed wood crafted into rugged, sometimes oversized examples of serviceable pieces that are designed to last a lifetime. While this is a popular and traditional face of rustic, it is just one option for today’s cabin, log home or rustic setting. Design for a modern incarnation of rustic calls on many influences — Western, Southwestern, Mexican, Midwest Farmhouse and even ethnic European. So, feel free to choose a roomful of pieces that draw on differing eras and widespread traditions, if you wish. Browse through the extensive list of cabin decor categories below.



A Virtual Department Store of Options

We will bring some of the best examples of rustic furniture design right to your living room on the pages of our virtual design catalog, helping you to refine and crystallize your preferences. We make it easy for you to select and order the perfect pieces to complement your home decor and your lifestyle. As an experienced interior designer, I am confident that you will find much to love in the pieces selected. Consider how a forged iron base coffee table with a hammered copper top might enhance the patina of your rustic wood-framed sofa and comfortable leather club chairs.
Or picture a playful coffee table fabricated from an antique child’s sled in a comfortable den, a room meant to celebrate family togetherness.

A Kaleidoscope of Choices in Rustic Furniture

At Canadian Log Homes, we are the first to admit that rustic furniture can run the gamut of possibilities from mountain cozy to back woods “roughing it” styles, and we are equally insistent on comfort and style in our own home surroundings. We cull the best of the latest collections from our affiliated retailers, and we bring you a variety of options. Hone your own preferences from the comfort of your own cabin, cottage or chalet. Our rustic furniture collections are sourced primarily from Black Forest Decor, and we curate seasonal collections with care, so that you have the luxury of shopping throughout the year. You have our commitment that what we bring you is high quality, built and fabricated to give you years of service and oodles of pleasure, and offered at the best possible price.
We spare no effort to bring you the furnishings and accessories, lighting, bedding and the personal effects that will infuse in individual design aesthetic into your home. Your choices are virtually unlimited.

Browse the Collections for Ideas

We invite to to browse all our collections before making your final decisions. Peruse the various rustic furniture styles; turn to our lighting pages and play them off against bed and bath options. Visit our blog and take the time to weigh the relative merits of refined Western designs against the colorful sensibility and warmth of Hudson Bay designs or the frontier appeal of horse motifs, forged metal table bases and twisted willow accents.

Home decor is always made more interesting with a studied mix, and we firmly believe that if you love a piece of furniture you can make it work in any room setting. We practice what we preach: You will find stunning examples of painted European accent commodes and antique armoires included among our collection of lodgepole pine bed frames and wagon wheel lamp tables. Be as daring as we are!
In every way, we hope you love shopping our virtual market just as much as we love bringing you the unique and wonderful rustic furniture that we select for you. We welcome you to our rustic world.

If you would like to read more tips on how to decorate rustic-style, please visit the Canadian Log Homes Blog.