Rustic Lamps

Looking for rustic lamps? Find all the rustic lighting options you need for your log cabin, home or lodge. Browse through our curated collection to see which style is right for you. Choose one of our stylish table lamps to help accent your other decor items. With style and elegance, these lamps have the ability to illuminate your home while creating that comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

From the Adirondack Table Lamp with its hand-painted and stained Adirondack chair base, metal fishing rod and handpainted parchment shade, to the Bear Lodge Cabin Lamp and Birch Tree Table Lamp, each lamp has been selected for its rugged appeal and durability. Lighting designs incorporate bears, deer, forest settings, branches, pine cones and other wilderness icons that are sure to make any rustic getaway the perfect retreat.

Browse through our extensive collection of cowboy, southwestern, ceramic-country and iron rustic lamps for all your rustic lighting needs.