Rustic Rugs

Rustic Rugs

Rustic rugs are the perfect way to add rustic, farmhouse and country charm to a home.  Whether they are placed in the entrance way to greet visitors, or situated in a living room, dining room, kitchen or bedroom, they add warmth and interest.

Rustic area rugs also add color, pattern and texture and work towards creating a ‘finished’ feel in the overall design aesthetic. They have a way of bringing together all of the separate elements in a room and can be used to tie in the all of the color used in the surrounding décor and furniture. They instantly make a room look connected and cohesive.

They are a common addition to hard surfaced floors and look exceptionally beautiful over hardwood floors or tiles. They have a grounding aspect as well and can be used to anchor the furniture in a room. A properly placed area helps to create a cozy and intimate space. Often viewed as works of art, many woven styles can be placed on walls to add further beauty.

Whether you are using rustic rugs as a bold focus for the room, or to unify the color scheme, they add a cozy element that acts as another decorating layer in the home.  Combined with decorative pillows,  chunky throws and coordinating artwork, they lay the foundation for a warm and inviting rustic retreat.

Browse through a collection of rugs in gorgeous earth tone shades. From rust reds, to olive greens, browns and tans all will make a dramatic impact in your rustic decorating theme.