Gray Bedding

Gray bedding exudes effortless luxe and polished elegance while providing a relaxing and soothing retreat. Designers have in the past focused on neutrals such as white & cream as their go-to-palette, but more and more they are turning to gray to provide a more polished feel. Because of its enduring character and enduring presence, gray has become one of the hottest neutral today in bedrooms. Its compatible with most colors, and is relatively easy to work with. Gray pairs well with shades of white, cream and silver, but also partners well with vibrant colors, such as orange, pink, yellow and turquoise.

Use paler grays if you a muted and soft look to your bedroom. You can layer this shade with deeper shades of gray to add warmth and richness. Gray also is a great choice for sleek, contemporary or minimalistic bedrooms.

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