Find quality teen bedding for girls and boys in a wide variety of color and patterns to choose from. Here you’ll find teen comforters, quilts and duvet covers.




Go for Bold in Teen Bedrooms

Most teens love graphic colors and bold designs. Chevron patterns, graphics including both wide and narrow stripes, animal prints, flag motifs, polka dots and patchwork can be adaptable for boys or girls. While some teenage boys wholly embrace sports themes, many will be happy with pennants, posters or sports photos combined with solid colors or subdued stripes. Older teens also gravitate toward the colors of a favorite team or college. If you choose plaids or regimental stripes, the bedding might also transition to dorm rooms.

Teenage girls often enjoy lipstick colors or bright citrus combined with white or black, clean lines and contemporary prints, Moorish or exotic patterns and colors. They may also be thoroughly traditional, with a love for romantic fabrics, soft colors and landscapes. Or you might be raising an “edgy” modern woman. No matter what your budding young adult prefers, be open to the winds of change, whether you select the convenience of “bedding in a bag” or you select each piece for your teenager’s room based on individual merit.

As a professional interior designer with a love for spontaneity and freshness in décor, I bring a great deal of thought to the selections that I feature on this site. You can be sure that our affordable selection of bedding for all ages represents the best in terms of quality, design and value. With children of my own, and a reputation for designing kids’ rooms that are as practical as they are pretty (or handsome), I know that the selections we feature here are adaptable for everyday living.

How to Choose Teen Comforters, Duvet Covers and Quilts

Choosing bedding for a teenager’s room may be akin to making selections for a “team” rather than for an individual. Teens have notoriously diverse interests. They are likely to be wildly enthusiastic about multiple subjects — music and pop culture, games, books, action heroes, school subjects — you name it. In the company of a teenager, little should come as a surprise and preferences can change as often as your teen changes clothes.

Decorating a teen room, then, presents a distinct challenge, especially if you want to please your growing child while maintaining a modicum of style and order in your household. Keep these principles in mind:

• Give your teen at least some control over his or her own surroundings. That does not necessarily mean that you accede to a request to paint the walls and ceiling black, but you might agree to “grey flannel” colored walls if your son wants a dusky color scheme. On the other hand, if your daughter loves hot pink combined with sunset orange, go wild with fabrics rather than saturating walls with color. In the long run, the younger set will appreciate your direction.

• Try to steer your teen into bedding options that you can live with as well. Do not expect that the bed will be made perfectly (or at all) each day, or that food and drink won’t be regularly spilled. Choose easy-care over high-style, always! Fluffy comforters are easier to straighten than tailored bedspreads. Large zippered pillow covers that double as floor cushions will accommodate a crowd of friends. And furry, washable throw rugs make more sense than wall-to-wall carpet, if you have a choice.

As you begin the search for new bedding, the best place to start is online. Explore design options with your teenager on such sites as Pinterest, Houzz, or other design sites. Then visit here for designer looks and personally-selected designs from top manufacturers.