Looking for kids bedding?  If there is one thing that every parent knows, it’s that every child is different — in looks, personality, and interests. It stands to reason, then, that a child’s room ought to reflect those individual traits, whether your kid is a toddler or a teen. Find a curated selection of girls bedding and boys bedding to choose from in a wide variety of colors, styles, and patterns.




Specialty Kids Bedding & Bedroom Décor

Parents usually know a couple of other very important things about their children. They are changelings, and their enthusiasms run hot and cold, often at will. Today’s favorite t-shirt or stuffed animal may become tomorrow’s “don’t want to be seen with or have anywhere near me!” When choosing wall colors, bedroom accessories and kids bedding, a child’s dream can become a parent’s nightmare.

How to Make It Easier (on Yourself)

There are some time-tested strategies for easing the task of decorating a kid’s bedroom, however. As a professional interior designer with a great love for helping parents achieve great kids’ room decor, I have a few tips:

Keep in mind that you aren’t decorating for the long term. You wouldn’t want to because your little one is going to change in numerous ways before leaving “the nest.” Your goal should be to provide an adaptable “shell” that will please your child during all those stages and phases.
Your kid’s room is still a room in your home; therefore, it should be “in sync” with the rest of the house in major ways.
It may be obvious, but you hold the purse strings, and you have the right to set budgetary limits.

As a parent myself, I have one more tip for anyone facing the pleas of a child who wants to redecorate in personal style: Join in! Embrace the opportunity to foster a bit of independence in your child, give in to the quirky likes and (sometimes) zany styles that your kid prefers, and demonstrate your adult abilities to compromise and to accommodate.

Just as every child is special, it is our belief that every child’s room can and should be unique. No matter whether the direction is traditional, contemporary or cutting-edge, there are elements that each child’s room shares with every other. Comfortable and age-appropriate furniture and kids bedding top the list. To make a room shine with individuality, take your child shopping with you. That’s the fun part! And we make it easy.

Our websites, and our personally-curated selection of kids bedding — from sheets to kids comforters, kids quilts and throws, from designs to capture the imagination of active toddlers or sophisticated teens, from bunk bed ensembles to “tote-away-to-college” trappings — bring you a wide range of options from the best names in the design world and the best companies in kids bedding.

Spend time at our virtual mall. You’ll be inspired to create fantasy worlds for your kids! While you’re at it, you may just get some ideas for adding a little zip to your own sleeping quarters.

A One-Stop Shop with Lots of Options

Explore possibilities, but remember it’s the overall look that’s important. Select a reversible duvet of durable fabric, and supplement the look with your child’s choice of accessories. Let the sheets express a penchant for “with-it” favorites — maybe robots or butterflies. Use zingy colors, wild patterns or specialty fabrics for accessory pillows and nap blankets. Speak with your child about how to build a look that is unique. If your pre-teen isn’t quite ready to abandon a stuffed animal collection, so be it. The time will come soon enough when sophistication beats out sentimentality.

All the companies represented here are leaders in style, service, and quality. You won’t be disappointed, whether you build a room one item at a time, or order kids bedding in a bag. It’s entirely your choice!