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Ocean, Pirate, Nautical & Shark Bedding

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Ocean, Nautical and Shark Bedding Collection

Looking for ocean, nautical or shark bedding for your little one? We have a unique selection of boys bedding quilts and comforters, with sharks, sailboats, pirate and ocean themes. Directly below the images are two great articles with tips on how to create a nautical or pirate theme bedroom from interior designer, Tracy Svendsen.

Shark Bit Duvet Cover Shark Bite Duvet Anchor Kids Bedding
Shark Bite Duvet Shark Bite Duvet Anchor Boy's
Room Collection
Oceanic Quilt Fisherman's Collection Fishermans Collection
Kids Bedding: Ocean
Life Bedding Set - Twin
Oceanic Quilt
Fisherman's in
Washed Navy
Fisherman's in Marine
Olive Kids Pirates Comforter Set Boats Duvet Cover Madras Quilt in Blue
Olive Kids
Pirates Comforter Set
Boats Duvet Cover Madras Quilted
Bedding in Blue
Nautica Grand Bank Comforter Set Harbor House Kids Comforter Set Make a Splash Duvet
Nautica Comforter Set
(Nautica Grand Bank)
Harbor House Kids
Lamar Comforter Set
- Twin Make a Splash
Blue Stripe Quilt
Sweet Jojo Designs Treasure Cove Pirate Bedding Sweet Jojo Designs Ocean Blue Collection Nautical Buoy Quilt
Sweet Jojo Designs
Treasure Cove Pirate Bedding
Sweet Jojo Designs
Ocean Blue Collection
Boys Bedding: Nautical Buoy
Bedding Set - Twin Oh
Buoy Nautical Quilt
Colorful Sea Quilt Pirate Quilt  
Colorful Sea
Pirate Quilt
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How to Create a Pirate Theme or Nautical Bedroom Room Design for Kids

Ahoy Mateys! Your young swashbuckler will go overboard with a pirate theme bedroom. For inspiration, think of treasure chests, treasure maps, sharks, palm trees, cannons, the open sea, parrots, whales, gold coins, sailboats, skulls and cross bones, swords and seagulls. There are a variety of ways these items can be incorporated into a pirate theme bedroom.There are many pirate comforters, quilts and bedding sets available. I have added several on this site that are adorable, and some come with coordinating sheets, pirate rugs, curtains and wall art. Browse through pirate quilts and comforters with coordinating sheets and decor.

I recommend purchasing the bedding first, and use this as inspiration for the color the walls will be painted. Walls can be painted white, which provides a simple backdrop for artwork, murals or decals. Walls can also be painted a rich ocean blue, sky blue and dotted with white clouds. A darker blue along the bottom can create the feeling of the ocean, and the lighter blue above, the feeling of the sky. You can paint on sharks, sunken treasure chests, fish, gold coins, a small island and seagulls.

A few Creative Ideas for a Pirate Theme Room

1. Create a mural with a seascape on the wall, by applying a blue sky and water. An island can be painted in the distance, as well as a ship and seagulls. Another option is to purchase a seascape mural and apply directly to the wall. The mural can be left as is, or cut into a circular shape, with a circular border painted around it, to create a porthole view. Pirate wall paper or borders can be purchased. Another good idea is to paint a sunken pirate ship mural on the wall. Tattered flags
can be used as window treatments.

2. There is pirate wall art that can be purchased with bedding sets. Another option would be to browse through magazines and books and cut out images to be framed. These pirate inspired images can then be framed and hung on the walls, or arranged on dressers and shelves.

3. Try taking a black lampshade, and paint a big red X on it using acrylic paint, or a navy blue lampshade and paint a skull and cross bones on the surface. A wood toy box can be converted into a treasure chest with chains and adding a rough texture to the surface with sandpaper or perhaps a spackle paint.

4. Create a treasure map. You can apply a treasure map to plain white or creme curtains with fabric paint. Treasure maps can be painted directly on the wall, on paper, or paper bags. You can purchase island theme decor, such as parrots, palm trees, jolly roger flags and more.
Many of these items can be found during Halloween.

5. Fake gold coins can be glued to a lampshade, walls, dressers or a treasure chest. A treasure chest makes a wonderful storage unit for toys. Make sure you place a small lock on it, to add to the theme.

6. Pirate theme throw cushions, lamps, and area rugs add to the look. You can paint a skull and cross bone's flag, parrots, or pirates on dressers.

How to Create a Nautical Theme Room

A nautical theme bedroom is great for kids who love anything to do with the sea, pirates, sailing, seashores or just want to have a unique design for their room. There are many approaches to a nautical theme, in regards to accessories that can be integrated, but the color choices are fairly standard and include red, white and blue. utical theme bedroom is great for kids who love anything to do with the sea, pirates, sailing, seashores or just want to have a unique design for their room. There are many approaches to a nautical theme, in regards to accessories that can be integrated, but the color choices are fairly standard and include red, white and blue.

There are many nautical kids bedding comforters and quilts available, with coordinating accessories such as curtains, area rugs and wall art. I have provided several selections of nautical bedding, sure to please your little one. With bedding, there are two options. One is to purchase a bedding set, which incorporates nautical inspired images, such as ships, lighthouses, boats, anchors, stripes and marine prints. Matching throw cushions can also be purchased. The second option is to is to go with solid color bedding in shades of blue or white, or a combination of the two, such as a subtle blue and white stripe pattern. White piping can be added around the edges, and throw cushions can be added with nautical themes, or solid reds, whites and blues can also be used. A throw blanket, quilt or coverlet can be incorporated as well.

The next step is to choose the color of the wall. Although you can use white (preferably an antique white), rust red, light or navy blue, it should be applied with careful consideration to avoid creating an overwhelming feel. I generally recommend a white wall, as the bedding, wall art, accessories usually adds enough of a color splash to make the room vibrant. You can use navy blue partway up the wall, with white above. Another approach is to paint the room in white with blue trim.

Wallpaper, or nautical theme borders are another popular choice. Blue and white stripes are also complimentary to this design. Murals can be a fun choice. Large murals can be purchased and applied to the walls, or hand-painted directly on the walls. A good idea is to look through books for inspiration. Some suggestions for murals are scenes of the sea or ocean, with sailboats or ships in the distance, sailors, a captain's wheel, anchors, lighthouses, seagulls, seas shells and pirates.

Nautical Theme Bedroom Ideas:

1. You can use paintings or prints of lighthouses, sailboats and other typical nautical objects or scenes. Old photos of lighthouses and boats work well. Images can be taken from magazines or books, cut-out and framed to hang on the wall, or arrange in small groups on dressers. Framed sailing maps, such as antique maps that trace the routes of early explorers provide an interesting touch.

2. Purchase a mural, trace a large circle onto the surface and cut the circle shape out. Apply the mural to the wall, and paint a frame around it to give the impression of a porthole. Large round mirrors can also provide this effect, especially if they have white, blue, silver or red trim.

3. Pillows, blankets and throw rugs that have red, white and blue help add to the nautical feel in the space. Add seashell collections, driftwood, sand-dollars and driftwood.

4. Nautical accessories can include: models of lighthouses and sailboats, sailor flags, anchors and oars, real boat lifesavers, nautical lighting, lighthouse lamps, lighthouse rugs, captain's wheels, nautical clocks, fish netting, wooden trunks, treasure chests, pirate or sailor figurines, seashells, maps, compasses and telescopes.

5. Brown wood furniture, such as a trundle bed, dressers, nightstands, and bookshelves go well with a nautical theme. You can even purchase a boat shaped bed. Another option is furniture in a solid white or whitewashed finish.

6. Another completely different concept for a nautical room, that doesn't involve a red, white and blue color scheme, is to create a room using greys, sea blue and tan colors. This design approach is great for an older child. Walls can be painted with a sea and sky scene, in subtle blues and greys, or a mural can be applied. Driftwood & rope can be attached all around the bed frame. Place a seagull figurine on top of a bedpost. Use fish nets throughout the room. Neutral carpet colors can depict sand. Fish can be hung by thin rope from the ceiling and throughout the netting. Dressers and other bedroom furniture can be sanded, with a driftwood finish applied. Cranes also work in this driftwood and nautical theme, that resembles a castaway's lair.

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