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Looking for girls horse bedding and art? Shop in our girls bedding and coordinating items ....where imaginations come to life.

Clicking on the image below will take you directly to the supplier for further information, pricing, and shipping details with no purchase necessary. They do carry a wide variety of adorable girls and boys bedding, as well as coordinating decor, such as rugs, window treatments and much more!

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  Decorating Tips  

Decorating Tips for Girl's Bedrooms:

As a professional interior designer, and one who specializes in kids bedroom designs (it is the most rewarding and fun!), I think that one of the most important elements in the initial design of a little girl's bedroom, is to include your daughter in the process as much as possible. When they are a little older, it's great to sit and have a quick discussion on what they envision their new bedroom will look like. Although the details covered in this process are largely dependent on your child's age, by the age of three, most children will already have formed some preferences as to what colors they like best, and some will have a specific theme in mind. Another way to start is by having them look at some of the photos of the kid's bedding that is available online, and have them point out several styles that appeal to them right away. You may just be surprised! I had envisioned a room full of ponies for my little girl, and ended up with a room full of tigers, lions and leopard prints! Her friends think it is 'cool', so her priority was achieved!

Many little girls do seem to prefer pink or purple bedding, but there are those that dream of butterflies, ponies, ballerinas, mermaids, ladybugs, polka dots, hearts, flowers in bright and dynamic colors. I have provided categories to as many possible themes as possible, with links to large images, which hopefully will help save you some time in the process. Children's bedding can be purchased by 'bed in a bag sets', where everything is included. These sets are often very economically priced, and a good option when you consider that they may have another bedroom design change in several years (especially with themes like princess, fairy or ballerina bedding - perfect for a little girl, but may not work well for a pre-teen). Girl's bedding is also sold in the mix and match variety, which is one of my favorite options. I find that by choosing polka-dots, stripes, florals and solids, that the bedding is suitable for a wider age range, and can create a wonderfully inspiring and colorful room for kids. I have labeled mix and match designs in most categories. Comforter sets are also a good option for those who prefer the designing to be a simple process.

A useful tip, and one that I highly recommend, is to purchase the bedding prior to painting the room. It works best to bring the quilt or comforter, shams, etc. into the paint store with you to ensure you get the perfect "match" on color or tone. For instance, if there is bright pink in the bedding set, you may want to tone the paint color down a few shades for the walls. I always bring the paint samples home prior to purchasing the paint, just to see how the actual lighting in the room, effects the color. I take about 10 paint samples and tape them to the wall, leaving them there for a day or so, as to avoid making a decision too quickly. Day and evening light can have an impact on your color choice.

Artwork is fun to incorporate into a child's room as well. There is lots of artwork available for little girl's rooms that can be purchased online. In fact, many of the companies I have recommended, do carry children's paintings and prints. Another option, is to simply print photos online, and purchase simple frames to put them in. I did this for my own children, and was very happy with the outcome. I used photos from, as there is a huge selection to choose from, and some of the photos run for $1.00 and up. Again, here is another fun way to include your child in the design process. If they are looking for ponies or butterflies, simply type this in, and there are hundreds of options to choose from. Vector images are great for cartoon type characters. If you are handy with Adobe Photoshop or a similar program, you can change colors in the images, add text (such as their name or inspiring quote), or put a collage together using several photos. I usually purchase the frames from Ikea, and sometimes paint the frames to match a color in the bedding or image.

If your daughter is more interested in modern and trendy girl's fashion bedding, there are some beautifully designed comforter and quilt sets available in bright and vivid colors. Patterns range from polka dots, to bold geographical patterns, peace signs, bright stripes and vibrant solids. Big girl bedding has really evolved and is a great choice for tween's and teen girls.

Article written by: Tracy Svendsen

          tracy svendsen   Tracy Svendsen is an interior designer specializing in children's room decor and design. She attended Montana State University, and Ryerson University for 6 years, studying interior design, architecture and marketing. This web site was created as an aide to help parents locate the perfect bedding set for their little one. Only bedding companies with good customer service, safe online shopping practices and quality products have been included. For further information on Tracy, and her many shop and compare websites, please view the about us section.
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