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Information on Building Log Homes: Log Home Kits & Packages

The majority of companies building or selling log home kits or cabin kits typically offer their customers a package. Packages vary greatly between companies, and it is imperative to know exactly what your package will or will not include. This is perhaps the most confusing part of buying a log home, the purchasing of unassembled components and calculating costs. The information provided below covers the kits available by different companies. Generally manufactured companies offer complete kits, while handcrafted companies provide the shell only.

handcrafted log home

Log Home Kits

The following information is a representation of log home kits offered by various companies.
Canadian Log Homes provides the walls only, or log shell package.

The Basic Types of Log Home Kits Are:

1. Walls Only

The walls only package includes all the logs for the outside walls, plus fasteners. Sometimes roof beams and log staircases may be added.

This is the type of packages that handcrafted companies predominantly offer.

2. Weather Tight or Structural Shell

This package includes everything as listed above in the walls only package, but also includes all components necessary to keep the weather out, such as exterior doors, windows, as well as the roofing system.

3. The Complete Package

The complete package includes everything as listed in the structural shell, as well as all interior components required to finish the home. Such items include interior walls, stairs, closets, interior doors and trim.

Log Home Kits

The complete package is the most costly, with the "walls only" being the least.

Log packages do not include the foundation, subfloor, plumbing heating, electrical systems, kitchen cabinets or appliances.

By having a complete understanding of what will be included in your package, you can begin to obtain bids and estimates in order to calculate the total amount. Shipping costs, as well as crane time needed to re-assemble your home are also additional.

What type of package that one customer chooses from another, is most definitely a matter of personal preference. The research involved in building a log home can be overwhelming, but it is through this process that knowledge is acquired to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

We do recommend the following book, which deals specifically with handcrafted log homes.

As previously mentioned, many handcrafted companies prefer to offer the walls only package. This is for a number of reasons. Most importantly, it allows for each customer to understand all the costs implemented in the purchase of their home. Rather than one "set in stone" price for a complete house, where you are required to purchase only what is being offered by the company, the opportunity is there to do some comparison shopping in regard to quality, price and style. From doors and windows, to roofing materials, lumber and stain, prices vary significantly. This avoids an additional cost onto these items through not dealing directly with the manufacturer of these products. Many companies upon request, will recommend a quality door and window or stain manufacturer that has a solid reputation in the industry. You are then able to deal and negotiate on price directly with them.

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